Sep 22 2011

USABILITY: The DVR is an example of poor design from one User’s POV

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I was sitting at home and wanted to watch my favorite show that I had “taped”. OK, “recorded”.

Once upon a time, I had muddled through a User Interface that was not very user friendly and designated “Varney and Company” to be recorded daily. Since I would rarely have time to go back and look at old ones, I marked it to only hold one copy.

And, things proceeded normally. No problems.

I won’t ever complain when Irene took out power for four days. Others lost much more than some of the stuff in my freezer. One has to count your blessings.

Yesterday, I found the fatal flaw in the DVR’s hardware / software programming.

I had been out and when I came home, I found that the DVR had my show for my enjoyment. All five minutes of it.

There must have been a glitch at about 1055.

When the box came back online, it was not smart enough to know that it should keep the five minute end of the show.

From a “technology” perspective, this clearly fails “usability”.

Now we can visit “Omar the Tentmaker” — old joke about a tentmaker who went into making large men’s suits with the admonition that uneven sleeves were fine as long as the Customer “walks this way” – with an exaggerated slouch to one side — and compensated for the flaw by making the minimum retained versions more than one.

But some usability testing could have delighted the User if someone cared more.

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